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More Midi Links

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Virtual Free Music - offers an extensive database of free midi, wav and MP3 files. Also boasts free live webcams, games and other free stuff

Schober Family Music - even has some music dating back to the 1800's!

Midi files of Popular Christmas Carols - look through and download your favourites. Even offers translations into many other languages

Santa's Carol Page - browse through an enormous archive of Carols, past and present.Also link to sheet music, karaoke, and stories

Primetime Midi Collection - a fantastic collection or ragtime music!

GaryW0001's Big Band Midis - a very exciting site

Fresh Midi's Com - everything here from Opera to Electronic Music with everything in between!

Adam's Midi Page - an extensive collection of rock and pop

Knight Vision - another huge collection of rock and pop midis

Unoffical Phantom of the Opera Homepage - check out this collection of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical!