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Have you been looking everywhere for good quality freeware and shareware? If you are like me, you prefer to try before you buy. Well, look no further! I have put together a comprehensive list of some of the coolest freeware and shareware sites on the net. You will find everything from games to desktop utilities and much more. I hope you find it as useful and interesting as I have. By the way, in order to keep this site free, could you please help me out by checking out my sponsor banners below?

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The Freeware Network
This is by far one of the best freeware sites I have visited! Everything from really cool Outlook Express stationery, to games and heaps of excellent free stuff! Highly recommended!
one of the best freeware sites on the net!
Links to Freeware
sorted alphabetically for convenience and includes 100s of cool shareware as well as freeware. Highly recommended!
a very comprehensive site
My Windows.Com
free wallpapers, screensavers, desktop themes and more!
The Freeware Connection
great freebies here!
all the latest freebie news and more!
Freeware Now
the download network!
heaps of free goodies!Now joined with Zdnet Downloads.
Zdnet freeware
Free Yourself
check it out!
Freeware Home
over 120 categories to choose from!
Freeware '95
lots of great freebies for Windows '95
Leroy Gibbon's Concise Freeware Links
A very extensive freeware and shareware directory!
The Free Stuff Site
everything you could possibly want from shopping coupons,cool contests to goodies for the webmaster to improve your site!
Top 50 freeware and shareware sites
updated regularly!
Dr Download
the finest in shareware
Game Hippo
100% freeware games, free to download and enjoy!
Kyma Software Online
freeware games, utilities, media players for windows and dos plus much more!
Freeware Files
freeware games, utilities, media players for windows and dos plus much more!
Fantassia's Freebies
one of the original and best freeware sites!

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